Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Maths Problem Solving

Today we worked in pairs to solve a tricky Maths problem. We needed to find out how many ways two strawberry milk cartons can fit into a square milk crate that can hold four cartons.

We discovered that there are six different ways to put the two cartons into the crate.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Fence Weaving

During M.O.O.T. on Friday with Rata Rima and Rata Ono, some of us chose to start working on our fence weaving up on the rainbow with the colourful plastic bags we have been bringing in to school.

This tukutuku pattern is called a poutama. It looks like stairs. We chose this pattern because it shows a learning journey much like our own journeys here at school. As we grow and move through school we are faced with new challenges, which is the each new step of the poutama. We are able to climb this step and face these challenges by using and building upon all the knowledge and skills we have learnt so far, which are the steps we have already climbed.

Here is how the fence is looking so far! We think it's a great way to recycle plastic bags and bring a little bit more colour to the rainbow!

Top Reader Award!

Huge congratulations to Toryn for winning the Reading Eggs medal for Top Reader at yesterday's Hui! We are so proud of you!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Buddy Editing

We have started using a Buddy Editing Checklist at Writing time. When we have finished our writing, we pair up with someone else who has finished and we edit our work together. Our buddy uses a checklist to check for things like capital letters, full stops, spelling and to make sure our writing makes sense.

Miss Parker felt very proud seeing how well Rata Whitu worked co-operatively to edit our writing today. Everyone was so helpful, supportive and respectful when editing each others work. Nice job!

Hui Sharing

Tino pai Rata Whitu! We did a fantastic job sharing our art and writing at our whole school Hui yesterday!

Keeping Ourselves Safe - Feelings

We learnt about our feelings today during Keeping Ourselves. We discussed how it is okay to cry when we are sad. We learnt that it is okay to feel angry but it is never okay to hurt ourselves or anyone else so we shared some ideas for what we can do when we are angry.

We practised our happy, angry, confused and proud faces. To practise our face when we are sad, Miss Parker shared some news she knew would not impress Rata Whitu...

Just kidding...here is how we really feel:

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Multiplication Practise

In Rata Whitu we have been practising our multiplication this term. We have used some different strategies such as skip-counting and arrays to solve multiplication problems.

Here is some fabulous work from the Seahorses group: